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Huawei and European Smart Light Launches
Connected City Lighting Solution

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Huawei and European Smart Light Launches Connected City Lighting Solution,
Saving Municipal Lighting Energy by 80%

[Hannover, Germany, March 15, 2016] Today at CeBIT 2016, Huawei and European Smart Light debuted its Connected City Lighting Solution, the industry's first Internet of Things (IoT) lighting solution with multi-level intelligent control. Huawei Connected City Lighting Solution connects street lamps to the IoT and adopts a GIS-based management system, enabling cities to enhance the control and performance of every street lamp. The solution provides municipal managers with status information on each lamp, in every street and enables precise control of on-off switches and brightness of individual street lamps, allowing on-demand lighting and a reduction in energy consumption by up to 80%.


We have been awarded Best Solution Partner 2015
— Huawei CEE & Nordic Partner Congress 2015


It is not a Perfect World

Huge power consumption
Huge power consumption

Flexible energy-saving policy based on schedule/brightness.
High OPEX, Hard to locate faults
High OPEX, Hard to locate faults

Remote configuration, automatic fault localization.
Poor user experience
Poor user experience

Lighting on demand. Adjust lights according to weather condition.

What We Want to Provide

Lower energy costs
Lower energy costs

Up to 70% energy savings.

Lower maintenance costs
Lower maintenance costs

Up to 50% maintenance cost reduction.

Lower CO2 emissions
Lower CO2 emissions

Less cost and reduced CO2 emissions.


Public lightning evidence
Optimal lamps selection and delivery
Intelligent illumination control and management, malfunctions and events reporting
Smart monitor – energetic management of power consumption and savings


Sensors and information systems design
Parking fees collecting through payment terminal
Evaluation and information system delivery

Environmental status monitoring

Indoor and outdoor CO2 monitoring
Noise, dust, NOx and PM10 level monitoring
Plus other optional sensors

Solution Features


Sofisticated evidence of public lighting including the display on the map.


High efficient maintenance system.

Remote control

Manual 24/7 by web application, energy-saving policy based on time schedule and brightness.

Smart city saves

Public lightning energy costs are major burden for each municipal budget. Utilization of modern technologies can cut such a necessary consumption about 70 percent. This ensures quick technology investment return and brings noted financials to city budget.

Replacement of current lightning for SMART LIGHT System (combination of sophisticated control software and LED lights) maximizes energy savings and carries positive effects to global environment.

Flexible Controlling System

Brightness Sensor
Brightness Sensor
Astronomical Calendar
Flexible Policy based on Astronomical Calendar
Movement Sensor
Motion Sensor

— Remotely controlled dimmer by each lamp.
— Energy savings control of public lightning based on brightness adaptation or time plans.
— Low data flow Zigbee mesh networking – IOT.
— Optimized system for industrial and outdoor environment.

Smart City

SMART CITY is the modular centralized controlling system, which allows management, maintenance and operating of usually self-standing technological units in single software platform. Such a unit can be e.g. SMART LIGHT (Public lightning), SMART SECURITY (CCTV and Security systems), SMART PARKING (Remote management of parking places in a city) or SMART SENSORING (System of elective meteorological or warning sensors).

This platform was developed on proven hardware base of industrial giant HUAWEI with millions of installations all around the world. We are constantly collecting and evaluating demands and wishes from Czech communes and implementing them to fully functional and powerful complex.

Main features

Unified controlling system of self-standing external technologies
Lucid and user friendly miscellaneous hardware operating from single software
Rapid warning and reaction on events and malfunctions


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